Panties Down at 15 Spanked Before Boys

Imagine being a 15-year old girl, wearing a midriff-baring cropped t-shirt and bra, trembling with your pants at your ankles and only a pair of thin cotton panties shielding your most private area from the four pairs of male eyes a few yards away belonging to your younger brother, two of his friends and your 10-year old cousin.

Then imagine those panties in the process of being pulled down by your stepdad as prelude to a spanking and you have an idea of what it would have felt like to be me one afternoon in October 2000.

As I have said elsewhere on this blog, I still feel guilty for not doing enough during my teen years to protect my younger brother from the abusive and frequent spankings our stepdad gave him.

I firmly believe I should have and could have helped my younger brother. Anything I could have done to take responsibility and gotten spanked for in his place would have meant one less spanking he would have received.

I remember one time I got into a brief argument with my stepdad who was about to spank Matt. When he threatened to spank me if I didn't watch my mouth and shut up, I quickly backed down and Matt got spanked. That's about the closest I ever came to trying to take some blame and I'm ashamed of myself for not having been more forceful.

Here's just one example:

Not long after I turned 15, a little less than two years before those spankings I feared so much and managed to avoid started for me, my 12-year old brother had two of his friends in the neighborhood over to play. One of the boys, Dennis, was a 11-year old kid who I occasionally babysat. The other boy, Patrick, who I believe was 12 at the time, lived across the street from us. Our 10-year old cousin Jerry was also there and we were all playing in our backyard.

It all started with a crash.

A baseball that my brother had threw broke and entered the window and went into the room where our stepdad was watching TV and he was soon outside demanding all of us to come inside, threatening my brother and I with a spanking.

I was terrified when he called me over first, perhaps because earlier when he saw us outside one of my throws came precariously close to that same window.

"One of you is getting spanked. Becky, get over here. NOW!"

He told me to get my pants down because he was going to teach my "bare butt a lesson."

All four boys were in the room and not going anywhere. Nor were they asked to. It was immediately clear that if I was to be spanked, they'd be watching.

At first I babbled incoherenty, my eyes welling with tears, standing parlayzed by fear facing the boys after my stepdad demanded for me to turn around, but ignoring his demand to pull down my pants.

It wasn't the first time I faced the threat of an imminent bare bottom spanking from him, fate intervening each time on my behalf. But it appeared that this time my luck had run out.

My stepdad then reached around me. My pants were soon unbuttoned and then unzipped for me.

As goosebumps covered me and my face blushed with the boys looking at me, my pants were soon roughly pulled down to my ankles to a few snickers from a couple of the boys.

Not one to waste any time, my stepdad then quickly slipped his fingers inside the waistband of my panties, which had already betrayed me and had lowered themselves enough to expose the top of my mound when my pants came down.

As my brother looked cautiously relieved that I, not him, was the one about to be spanked, the other three boys grinned at me in anticipation, their eyes riveted on my panties and the mysterious area to them that was about to be fully revealed.

At that point, I desperately wanted to avoid eye contact with the boys and yet found I couldn't avoid it, as if somehow I was hoping against hope to see them look away at the last moment.

Then, somehow, just as I started to feel the inevitable tug at my panties, I am ashamed to say that I disgracefully managed to blurt out and plead that I shouldn't be spanked, that my brother had made the errant throw that had broken the window.

Though a few more giggles ensued, my stepdad stopped the downward motion of his fingers and my panties - although much more of my mound and large whisps of my pubic hair were now exposed - were staying up, barely, for the moment at least.

My brother, with a fear of dread on his face, was then asked who broke the window. I didn't move a muscle, my stepdad saying if he didn't answer in three seconds, he'd be spanked ''next.''

My brother could have lied or he could have accused me. Or he could have simply told the truth, that a mere moments before I switched places with him after nearly hitting the window myself. Then both of us would have been spanked for sure, but at least he would have insured that I shared the same fate as he would.

But my brother quickly admitted that it was he who broke the window.

Almost as quickly as I was told to pull up my pants, my brother was soon having his unfastened and pulled down.

I couldn't bear to watch. Free to go, I moved aside, tripping over my own pants which were still at my ankles. As I looked down to pull them up, I gasped at just how much of my mound had been exposed. To my horror Patrick noticed and snickered at me as I struggled with my pants, as I had not realized I had lifted one leg out of them entirely when I tripped. Anxious to leave the room just in case my stepdad decided to spank me anyway, I stepped out of my pants entirely and ran upstairs to the giggles of each boy there except my brother, who was by now crying from the slaps to his bare bottom.

I also didn't realize that just as my panties had been partially lowered in the front, they had been partially lowered in the back as well and half of my butt crack was showing to the boys when I stooped down trying to pull up my pants. I only found out how much they had seen when I eavesdropped on my cousin and my brother outside my brother's bedroom later that night. Apparently, my pubic hair was also of quite an interest to them, Jerry berating my brother that he should have kept quiet until I was bared all the way and spanked.

And that's just one time because of my cowardness that my brother got spanked.

I don't feel either of us should have been spanked for that broken window. But my brother did get spanked that day in front of his friends. And since he was so should I have been. And in the same manner, too: bare from the waist down.

Would I have been humiliated if I was spanked like that in front of my brother and the other three boys? Of course!

But I was just as every bit deserving of any punishment that my brother got as it was I who was probably standing too close to that window to catch his throws in the first place. Nor do I feel it mattered I was the girl who would have been spanked in front of boys. Being the oldest one playing outside, I should have known better but didn't have the courage to tell that to my stepdad and insist that I alone be punished.

The fact that both Dennis (the boy I babysat) and my cousin Jerry would eventually see me exposed and spanked over a year and a half later and that my brother would eventually see me frequently exposed and spanked by our stepdad when I was 16 and 17 doesn't make me feel any less guilty.

I could have done something that day to prevent a spanking that my brother DID receive and I did NOTHING.

I know that adults opposed to spanking kids would say I didn't deserve one. And again, I don't think either my brother or I did deserve a spanking that day.

But I can't help but wonder how parents who believe in bare bottom spankings, even for teenagers, would have handled it. So I created a poll below and welcome comments and opinions on how they would have handled the situation in my stepdad's place, while keeping in mind that at that point I hadn't been spanked by him (though I had some embarrassing close calls) and would have refused any ''order'' to go to my room and prepare for a spanking. But otherwise wouldn't have done anything to resist except maybe try to throw my hands back behind my butt while being spanked if it came to that.

Should I have received a bare bottom spanking at 15 for the broken window?


  1. Considering that you lied your way out of a spanking that day, how ironic and fitting that not just your brother got to see you frequently spanked but the other boys, too. - Ted

    1. What lie? The brother broke the window! SHE didn't say anything.

    2. True. However, I just read a more complete account from Becky on ExperienceProject and she admits that she purposely switched places with her brother after she narrowly missed breaking the window herself. She obviously preferred that if someone broke the window, she wanted it to be her brother, not her. Perhaps she didn't do it with the intention of getting her brother punished, but she makes it clear she felt guilty about it later.

      This is what she wrote in response to a comment:

      "It could have just as easily have been me breaking it. In fact, I nearly did several times earlier and our stepdad saw that and yelled at us, giving us a warning that ''we'd better not break the window.'' Instead of being more careful with my own throws, I ordered my brother to switch places with me. He really didn't want to at first, but I kind of teased him a little, asking him if he was afraid he couldn't throw well. That challenged in front of his friends and our cousin and he switched places with me really to try to prove me wrong more than anything else. Not long after that, a ball sailed just over my head and CRASH! I should have owned up to goading him into switching places, even thought that would have meant being bared in front of the boys for a spanking."

      No lie. But certainly a willful act of omission. Becky should have had her panties pulled down in front of the boys and got spanked. Then, she'd face the boys and take off her top, her bra, hands at her side, and apologize. Then still naked and her eyes facing a corner, her brother could have got a bare butt spanking too and before being allowed to pull his pants up. But I'd have kept Becky in the corner for the rest of the time the other boys were there, legs slightly apart and leaning forward a bit, at least up until and then another hour after her cousin's parents came home. I think having her nude and telling her she could only cover each nipple with two finger tips each (and without crossing her arms) would make her think twice the next time she thought about purposely putting her brother in a position to get him in trouble.

    3. you got spanked on bare butt right that's the right way you have to feel it

  2. Your dad's an asshole but you and your brother should have been treated equally. Since he got his bare butt spanked yours should have been bared and spanked too.

  3. I can't think of anything more embarrassing for a 15 yr old girl than to have her panties pulled down in front of younger boys who she knows and has to see everyday. Your stepdad is a brute but you had no control over that situation. Blame your mom since she brought that monster into your house. Don't feel guilt about your role.

    1. That's true. That is definitely not okay that he did that. He was an abuser for pulling ur pants and panties down in front of little boys. Ur brother did it, so he should deserve the spanking just not bare bottom in front of his friends. That step dad isn't even related to u so he just looked at a girl he has no relation go's genital. And showed them to those little boys. That man disgusts me more than anything.

    2. I so much do agree; he is/was a brute & I would add "pervert".

  4. That's terrible no boy should see the private parts of a teenage girl flight through puberty.

  5. How about you nor your brother should have been spanked for an accident. Shit happens and that is life. Your step-dad seems like he was just a sadist looking for ways to humiliate you and your brother. Windows aside, he would have come up with another excuse to pull your panties down in front of younger boys just to fulfill some weird fantasy he has about having women subjugated by men, You were being trained by your step dad. I hope it didn't stick. Hope you are still your own woman.

  6. You were elder among children and had more responsible. Your punishment was fair.

    1. Do you mean that it was fair to NEARLY be spanked with my panties NEARLY pulled down completely or that I SHOULD have been spanked with my panties pulled down completely?

    2. As oldest u should have been spanked but sure as hell not completely naked bottom. And the boy deserves a normal pants on spanking more than u do.

  7. I can understand that most parents who condone spanking teens on their bare bottoms for punishment would think I deserved one that day. But I'm a bit taken back that not only did a majority of those who answered the poll agree with that sentiment, but that so far as of today 73% also thought I deserved a second bare bottom spanking that day and then be made to stand in the corner on display wearing only my bra! In full view of four boys? Don't those favoring that additional punishment understand the humiliation I would have felt? The total and utter shame? What purpose would that have served? I ever regularly babysat one of those younger boys! I invite those who voted that way to talk me through their reasoning.

  8. If I were your stepfather and found out you hid the truth about the window, I would made you undress piece by piece until the only thing you had on was your bra. You would have then apologized to your brother and the other boys. Next I would have hauled your ass over my lap and spanked you with my bare hand for a good ten minutes, 5 for the spanking you should have gotten and another 5 for your lies. Then you'd have to stand in the corner undressed for one hour. What would be the purpose? To teach you to not to that again or the punishment would be double.

    1. Why would it be necessary to make me strip to nothing but my bra before apologizing to them? If I was to be spanked, why couldn't I at least retain some modesty while standing in front of them while apologizing? ONE HOUR of corner time? You mean while bottomless? OMG! Do you realize how bad the teasing would have been? And what if I yelled at them?

    2. The purpose of having you apologize to the boys is two-fold: first, you would be shamed by your nudity in front of them and this would make you remember not to lie again; second, it would make them understand the seriousness of the offense so that they would think twice about ever lying.
      I realize one hour of corner time while nude is like an eternity for you but this would serve to reinforce the lesson of not lying. Since I would not be interested in babysitting you while you were doing your corner time and the boys were free to do as they pleased, you would probably get some teasing from the boys. If I heard any yelling coming from the living room then I would not be happy. I would demand an explanation for the yelling. If I was disturbed just because you were being teased I would not be inclined toward any leniency. I would put you over my knee on the sofa and give you another 5 minutes of hand spanking. If you had cursed at the boys then I would also make you lean over the sofa arm and let each of the boys give you 5 spanks. Then you would have to go to your room for an hour for some private reflection time.

    3. OMG! Did you say "nude"? You mean my bra would have come off too as part of the punishment?

      Would I at least be able to FACE the corner and NOT the boys?

      OK, I can understand you spanking me again for complaining about being teased. But to let the boys spank me for cursing at them?

      Do you realize how difficult it would be for me to ever be able to look them in the eye again? I can understand having to apologize to them at that point, as I held my arms and hands in front of myself facing them to apologize.

      But to be told they'd each get to spank me? I'd have been begging and pleading for you to give me an additional spanking instead. Two spankings even.

    4. Yes Becky, you would be nude with no benefit of modesty for yourself. I would instruct you to face the corner with your hands behind you head, fingers interlocked. At least the boys would only be able to see your backside unless you turned around to face them yourself. Given your proclivity to not back down from taunts, I can only speculate on how you would deal with their teasing, You could very well become enraged at their teasing and turn around and yell at them, thereby giving them the view of your frontal privates. But that would be your choice. It would come down to how well you could control your own emotions and reactions to their teasing.

      I assume from your response that you would in fact have responded to their teasing by uttering curses at them. This might have put the boys back on their heels as having an older girl curse at them would instill an aura of seriousness that they would have overlooked in their desire to embarrass you further. But cursing is not allowed in my house. You would have known that and would have to pay the price for violating that rule.

      I understand that as the eldest of the group you think you have some perceived authority over the boys and that being spanked by boys younger than yourself would lead to some irreparable damage to your reputation. But look at it as an opportunity for personal growth. They are just pushing the limits of authority and you represent the authority to them. Having me give them the green light to spank you would empower these boys to stand up to authority in the future and could help create a generation of leaders instead of followers.

      Ultimately Becky, you have to reap what you sow. And with my punishment you would not only learn the value of honesty but you would also be teaching these boys that lying never pays.

      There is one other component that is the elephant in the room. That is that you are an older girl who is mature enough to make these boys look at you in awe. You are fully developed and they are curious about females. Putting you in a position where they have some control over you and your nude body is a delicate balance. I would certainly observe the first boy's spanking of your bottom as you lay over the sofa arm to make sure no hanky-panky occurred, In fact I would probably make sure that the first boy to spank you was your younger brother. After he was finished spanking you and nothing provocative occurred, I would have confidence to leave the room and let the remaining 4 boys spank you as they saw fit. I know you have a tendency to kick your legs as you get spanked, but hopefully knowing that there were younger boys spanking you, you would exert more control. I cannot enforce your own modesty if you will not cooperate and keep your own legs together. So I would leave it to you to decide how much of a show you put on for the boys as they spanked you.

      If you were to plead with me after I passed judgement on your punishment and tried to negotiate, I would only realize that I had made the right decision, one that would make a lasting impression on you.

      After I heard the last of the spankings stop, I would wait a few more minutes and then head back into the living room to see how you fared. With the boys present, I would inspect your bottom to make sure it was a nice shade of pink. Then I would instruct you to rise up and apologize again to the boys. Then I would allow you to go to your room for private reflection.

    5. "I would probably make sure that the first boy to spank you was your younger brother. After he was finished spanking you and nothing provocative occurred, I would have confidence to leave the room and let the remaining 4 boys spank you as they saw fit. I know you have a tendency to kick your legs as you get spanked, but hopefully knowing that there were younger boys spanking you, you would exert more control."

      OMG! I thought you said they'd only get to spank me five times each?

      To let them spank me "as they saw fit" doesn't seem fair.

      Ten, eleven and twelve year old boys would relish the opportunity to spank a teenage girl (particularly the boy I regularly babysat!) on my bare bottom as hard as they could!

      Given that you had already spanked me soundly, the additional pain would have made it virtually impossible to keep my legs still.

      Not to mention the utter humiliation and shame of being made to FACE THEM for an hour of corner time while fully nude, hands behind my head.

    6. Upon my return, if I saw that your bottom was bright red because one or more of the boys had spanked you as hard as they could then I would ask you point out which of them had spanked you the hardest. I would then tell him to apologize to you for spanking you too hard. Then I would make him drop his pants and I would give him a number of hard spanks telling him that he should not spank a girl full force. After his spanking I would make him apologize to you. Then I would have him fetch some cooling lotion. You would then lay over his lap while he applied the lotion to your bottom.

    7. Since my bare bottom would have already been bright red from just your spanking alone, and since my earlier complaints about the boys teasing me fell on deaf ears and led you to letting them spank me for my swearing at them, I think at that point, even if they took advantage of you being out of the room to spank me harshly, I would have surely kept quiet and not complained upon your return for fear of you giving me another spanking.

      So, once you were done ''inspecting'' my bottom and told me to rise up and apologize to the boys again, I would have done so.

      Of course, now facing them and standing there still nude, I would have immediately covered myself with my arms and hands and looked down at the floor as I mumbled out the required apologies.

    8. "I would have surely kept quiet and not complained upon your return for fear of you giving me another spanking." My shock at seeing your bottom overly spanked would not have been aimed at you. It would have been targeted at the boys. I would have thought you would enjoy seeing one or more of the boys who had just spanked you, getting a spanking in return.

      Maybe I underestimated you Becky. You may have a "Turn the other cheek" mentality. I am impressed at your self-restraint in not wishing a spanking upon the very boys who had just spanked you in a very embarrassing way.

    9. It's not a matter of "turning the other cheek." It's a matter of wanting to be able to go to my room and be alone in my shame as soon as I could.

      After having not only been totally exposed and spanked in front of them - but spanked BY them, by that point I would have felt so ashamed that I wouldn't be enjoying anything for a while.

      In fact, if you asked me if they had spanked me too harshly, I would have answered "no." If asked again, I would have continued to deny they spanked me too harshly and that it was my fault anyway for yelling and swearing at them to begin with and that all I want to do now is go to my room and get dressed.

      If you again said my bottom looked too red and implied that was the boys' fault, I would have lashed out at YOU for spanking me too hard to begin with.

      I would have been hating that they spanked me because of the shame I would feel about it for years but I would have blamed YOU for that added humiliation for me that day, not them.

    10. How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child!
      Remember that it was you Becky who brought this upon yourself for your lying ways. The sacred holiness lies in the truth.

  9. I do believe in spankings but I do not think that someone should be spanked in front of someone else. Those boys were just getting their jollies off of seeing that girl naked from the waste down. First, it's bad because it's humiliating to the girl but second, I know that every boy there had a hard on because hormones are very uncontrollable at that age. Either way if your getting spanked to me it should always be in private especially if your going to start taking off clothes. The father probably at that very moment, created four more perverts including yourself. Eventually in life, if it's not now it will be a spanking fetish later. I'm not going to say that it is sick because everyone has fantasies but what you need to recognize is that when these fantasies fill your head. You really need to try and think about something else. Our bodies are made in such a sexual way and it's very natural to be aroused. But, what you also have to realize is that these are primal instincts within us that need to be vanquished from our minds because that is what it's all about. If it clouds your mind then your mind becomes preoccupied with that stuff and will not function as well as other minds that don't have to worry about that level of perversion. Perversion is addictive because it triggers certain feelgood things in the brain.

  10. I think you should have been spanked, but not exposed like that. I think maybe your stepdad was just caught up in the moment and angry and let that anger cloud his judgement. Or he couldhave at least not taken your panties down until you were over his lap, that way the boys wouldn't see your private area. But honestly, there's no real reason to take a girl's panties down anyway, cause its not like they offer much protection. I think some parents and husband's just do it out of ritual. But yes, you should have gotten a spanking and then some corner time. I don't have a problem with your step down asking you to strip to your bra and panties, but panties should stay on, especially in front of other people.

    1. If you think it would have been OK for my stepdad to only pull down my panties once I was over his lap, do you really think much of me would have remained hidden once the pain of that spanking started with my legs trashing and kicking about (as would eventually happen when I DID get spanked a year and a half later). And when I would have stood up; you think the boys wouldn't have seen everything then too? OK, but conceding to that's how you would have spanked me, I would point out that I would effectively be only in my bra when I was permitted to get off your lap and stand up - at least until I pulled my panties back up. Then the further indignity of corner time while wearing only my undies in front of four boys younger than me would begin, along with the inevitable teasing.

  11. I never think it is proper for step parents to spank their step children. Especially opposite sex step children. And this is coming from someone with two sisters, who saw them spanked with their pants down over the back of the couch many times, just as they saw me in the same position, even more often, I might add. The difference was, my spankings ended at age 12. My sisters were spanked all through high school. Usually in private, but occasionally in the living room where all our spankings were carried out while we were in grade school. I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy seeing my sisters' bare waist down, and they always told me how much they enjoyed watching my spankings. We laugh about those spankings now, but we weren't laughing back then. Although we did giggle when the poor spanked sibling had their bottoms, and privates, bared and exposed even more over the couch. The big embarrassment though was the after spanking dance, holding your red striped behind and showing everything. I still remember the humiliation, and now, reading your blog, I know how my sisters felt.

    1. Thanks for reply, Eli.

      When my luck ran out (after a handful or so of embarrassingly close calls) and my stepdad finally started spanking my bare bottom when I was 16, my younger brother was 13. And ironically, from that point on, my brother was only spanked a couple of times after that. Whereas I was the one getting it regularly.

      So for nearly a year, virtually nothing was left to my younger brother's imagination and, unfortunately for me, neither for a number of his playmates, some of whom were boys his age and younger who I regularly babysat! The burning sensation of shame knowing I was showing everything as my legs flied widely about is not something I'll ever get over, but simply have to live with.

      A decade later, my younger brother and don't exactly laugh about it. But there's no hard feelings between us, even though he certainly felt at the time I was finally getting some long overdue spankings based on his feeling of fairness. And at the time he wasn't too shy about letting me know it!

      Well, actually he does sometimes (still laugh about it) to my embarrassment (while I grudgingly smile and soon blush if it's with mixed company). The few times I pointed out to him that I basically avoided witnessing nearly all of his spankings for YEARS was only meant with more smirking and a, "So?"

      Sure, there were later times when he could NOT avoid the embarrassment of me seeing him naked - and I made sure he knew it. Such as when he broke his ankle and guess who was the only person (he dreaded the idea of asking our mom!) who was around to help him in and out of the bathtub?

      But being on display while being disciplined is something entirely different than incidental or accidental exposure (or even when he got spanked on his 18th birthday).

      Can't say I blame him. He got it far worse for a much longer period of time. But being reduced to a crying, naked, jiggling spectacle in front of others is something you know they will never, ever forget.

    2. Hi Becky,

      You are absolutely correct. being on display while being spanked is very different from accidental exposure. When my sisters were over the couch, I could see absolutely everything, and they knew it.

      Even though we laugh about our spankings now, it is really only the sore behinds and embarrassment at having the others see our bottom bare that we mention, none of us ever bring up they fact that our legs kicked and scissored and our privates were many times lewdly displayed. And the dancing and rubbing we did after with everything exposed is never mentioned. I guess there is a line we don't want to cross, or even admit to ourselves.

      Those spankings, the ones my sisters got that I watched with pleasure, and the ones I got that were so embarrassing, have obviously had a profound affect on me. I often wonder how some people who got embarrassing spankings, can just shrug them off like they never happened, or at least not obsess about them like I do.

      On the lighter side, I bet you enjoyed your brothers embarrassment and his exposure when you had to help him in and out of the tub. I would have died of embarrassment if one of my sisters had had to do that for me.

  12. people these days r just getting more retarted i was spanked as a kid now i can beat the living shit out of anyone without a second thought so think before u act people

  13. Personally you should have been spanked for having goaded and teased your brother into switching when he clearly didn't want to, if it was me I would have expected to be spanked as well being the older one who should've known better. Being spanked with people watching drives the lesson home.